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Protective Orders

Protective orders serve an important function in San Antonio: granting at-risk residents valuable peace of mind. These court orders prevent abusers from gaining access to victims and their children. They may also include terms mandating prompt payment of child support or terms for visitation.

Whether you need to file a protective order or require defense against an order filed by somebody else, you can benefit from the assistance of Corley Legal. Contact us today to learn more about the role legal representation can play in this important process.


Divorce is an inherently complicated process, involving everything from property division to child support negotiations. Some give and take is necessary, but proper legal support can ensure that you only make acceptable compromises. Whether you opt for mediation or end up in court, you can benefit from strong legal representation.

Corley Legal boasts a long history of success in complex divorce cases. Attorney Corley uses a compassionate, yet assertive approach to obtain outcomes that benefit her clients and their families. She believes in the power of desirable divorce resolutions to shape brighter futures. Contact us today to learn more about our range of divorce services.

Custody Cases

Custody often represents one of the most contentious and emotional aspects of the divorce or separation process. Parents commonly struggle to see eye-to-eye regarding the best approach to their children’s care. The result: drawn-out court battles that negatively impact not only both parents, but also the children at the center of each case.

Attorney Corley understands the sensitive nature of family matters, but she also recognizes the value of an assertive legal approach. With her help, it may be possible to achieve an outcome that is not only in the best interests of the affected children, but also of their parents as they strive to start fresh. Get in touch today to learn how Corley Legal can help.


Many loving San Antonio parents find themselves at the center of difficult investigations involving Child Protective Services. CPS proceedings can place the futures of these parents and their families in peril. If CPS agents believe that the children in question are in any way at risk of suffering abuse or neglect, they can have them removed from their homes — even when doing so is clearly traumatic for all parties involved. Following removal, parents must jump through several hoops to have their rights reinstated.

If you’re in the midst of a stressful CPS ordeal, don’t hesitate to seek legal counsel. Corley Legal can provide much-needed support through the entirety of the investigation process. Reach out today for more information.